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You can follow many of our products in our section which contains many kinds of products.

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Since our establishment as Özsağbilen, we have been presenting to the customers who are targeting the innovations.


Our company has proved itself in the international production with its experience and experience that has been given for years.


Our products are always based on customer satisfaction in all purchasing processes.


Who is Ozağbilen?

In 1974, the chairman of our board of directors started to trade in Şanlıurfa customs house market. Celal Sağbirge Lux started to import adventures in 1989 with the aim of providing the continuation of the breakthroughs in the hardware sector and serving the country as a whole.

are we?

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  E-Mail : info@ozsagbilen.com.tr

  0212 659 04 18

   istoç Ticaret Merkezi Z-Blok No:169 Bağcılar / İSTANBUL

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